United Baptist Church of Scranton

Sunday Morning Worship at 10:00 AM 

UBC Bible Institue

The UBC Bible Institute is the Bible Class ministry of UBC. We are starting out by doing discipleship class's called Operation Timothy. Two classes that will be teaching the same material are being offered Sunday afternoon service and Thursday Night at 6 pm before the Worship Service.

We will be offering our next class after Easter on Sunday Evenings. The next class we will be offering is Personal Bible Study 110. 

Classes will happen at different times. Classes will be offered in the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. 

For members and regular church attenders the cost of the class is just the cost of the books. If you cannot afford the cost, please let us know and you will still be able to take the class. For non-members and non-regular attenders each class will cost you $50.00 plus the cost of the books. 

These classes are for anyone who wants to know God's Word better to live a more godly life. We are developing a two-year track where if you do all the classes in the two years you will get a certificate of completion from YBC Bible Institute. This two year program will prepare you to serve better in our church, it will also equip you so you can go into full-time ministry. We highly encourage any leaders to be taking these classes. 

The big idea for us doing this is that in today's world if you are called into full-time ministry or just want to take a college Bible Class it will cost you a lot of money. We feel it's the churches job to equip and train leaders. UBC Bible Institue is basically a trade school of Bible Colleges. We want people to learn but not go into deep debt to achieve their goals!

This is new for us so pease be flexible as we navigate and may have to make some changes on the way through all of this. 

If you have any questions please contact Pastor Gary Eaches at 570-687-0908

Classes Being Offered Now: Started January 5th and January 9th

Discipleship Class, Operation Timothy: The same material is being taught in two different days. One class is meeting on Sunday's following the service and the other class is meeting before Thursday Night worship at 6 pm. We still have space for the Thursday night class. 

Upcoming Classes: 

Personnel Bible Study 110. Starting the Sunday after Easter on Sunday Evenings.

Creation and Genesis 210 being Taught by Dr. Fred Peirce, Starting after Easter. Day and time TBD.